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Career choices are both difficult and easy to make. Sometimes, we make our career choices based on what others choose as their career option without comprehensive analysis and appropriate individual guidance. Later, after few months or years we realize that we are not as successful- happy and rich as our friends/peers are. We start thinking that maybe we have not been working hard enough or our teachers, bosses, family are just not good enough to support and appreciate us, inward and outward blaming starts. Stop!

Take a step back and ask the question, did you make a right career choice? You may not know if that was a wrong choice unless you know what was the right choice. It makes more sense to make right career choice at the right time rather than spending years of time and lot of money going in a direction that is just not right for you. Think of this like a road navigation tool like a google map, you just don’t take any turn driving on the road because more people are going in that direction or because the road looks good. You, generally, first fix your destination (career goal), then identify which is right road to reach to that goal in lesser time and efforts (career guidance). No one like to keep wondering in a maze without reaching to the destination.